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Post upgrade of apache nifi cluster getting Failed to compress error for provenance


Hi All


We have upgraded the 3 node nifi cluster from 1.7.1 to 1.12.1 after that we are getting below error:


2021-12-07 01:22:12,822 ERROR [Compress Provenance Logs-1-thread-1] o.a.n.p.s.EventFileCompressor Failed to compress /opt/nifi/provenance_repository/uat1/8781241.prov on rollover


When we saw in the provenance repository its compressed 10 mins before.

-rw-r-----. 1 bidanifiu1 bidanifiu1 791251 Dec 7 01:12 8781241.prov.gz



Master Guru


It appears you are hitting a known bug in Apache NiFi 1.12:

This provenance related bug was addressed in Apache NiFi 1.13.
I recommend you upgrade.

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Thank you,



@MattWho  -Thanks for your reply.


We have changed below property 


Before “nifi.provenance.repository.compress.on.rollover=true”


After “nifi.provenance.repository.compress.on.rollover=false”


We have the enough space for provenance

/dev/mapper/vg04-provenrepo 3.7T 27G 3.7T 1% /opt/nifi/provenance_repository

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