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Resource Manager UI not opening


Hello everyone,


I recently kerberized my cluster running Ambari 2.7.4 and HDP stack Now I am unbale to access my Resource Manager UI `http://<IP_address>:8088/ui2/`. It shows up as follows:


image (2).png


Please help me out and let me know if any more info is needed.

@KuldeepK @mattw @Shelton 


Super Collaborator

@bvishal  it is expected that you get above error if you do not auth for the browser. You have two options:

Either you can disable the spnego authentication or enable spnego authentication


you can disable SPNEGO auth by setting below properties in Advanced core-site:

hadoop.http.authentication.simple.anonymous.allowed = true
hadoop.http.authentication.type = simple


To enable spnego authentication follow below article

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