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Scheduler in Zeppelin


Is scheduler supported through Zeppelin in HDP 2.5.3 and/or HDP 2.6?



Hi @Daniel Kozlowski,

Yes, I do see an option in HDP 2.6 Zeppelin (v0.7.0) to schedule a note based on cron. You can go to any notebook and click on clock icon to setup scheduling.


I believe this is what you were looking for.

Hope this helps.


Hi Vipin,

This feature also exists in HDP 2.5.3. The question is if it is actually supported.


Is there a way to disable scheduler and not show button on the page?

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@Leonid Fedotov

Have you disabled scheduler somehow? The problem is that any user can run scheduler as a user running Zeppelin.

I am afraid that the only option is interference into the source code.


@Daniel Kozlowski

This feature in not supported in any version of HDP so far.

Here is the doc from the latest HDP-2.6.4

Refer section: 4.2.4 Using the Note Toolbar.

It says "Schedule the execution of all paragraphs using CRON syntax. This feature is not currently operational. If you need to schedule Spark jobs, consider using Oozie Spark action."

We recently opened ZEPPELIN-3271 to provide a way to disable this feature to avoid risks.

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It is recommended to disable the cron in zeppelin as there is no validation if the user is allowed to run as the hive/hdfs or any other user specified in the cron field, meaning any user can set it to be run as any user. disbale is possible from 2.6.5, for previous versiosn please engage the hortonworks support.