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User [dr.who] is not authorized to view the logs

Expert Contributor


When browsing the logs from Yarn UI, we're prompted with this message

"User [dr.who] is not authorized to view the logs for container_e29_1466052817052_0956_01_000002 in log file"

Please help how to solve this issue of mine.

Best regards,

Thank you!


Super Collaborator

@Michael Dennis "MD" Uanang Please verify if you have property set to false in core-site.xml

Expert Contributor

Hi @rguruvannagari,

Just verified, and is set to false.

Super Collaborator

Add the below property from ambari

Ambari > HDFS > Configurations > Advanced core-site > Add Property hadoop.http.staticuser.user=yarn

Expert Contributor

Thanks @rguruvannagari!

Same answer from the comment of @Rajeshbabu Chintaguntla.

Expert Contributor

Thanks @Rajeshbabu Chintaguntla

After adding the hadoop.http.staticuser.user=yarn (and as also mentioned by @rguruvannagari), solved my issue.

Super Guru

@Michael Dennis "MD" Uanang Please take a look at same question which was answered here and solved.

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