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how I can fetch data from Hadoop and show that output in a web application ?

New Contributor

I am new to HADOOP, I have to make a service which take input from a web application and query into HADOOP data stored and show output on same application, from where we queried. What should I do and learn to make this ?


Expert Contributor

Depending on how data is stored on 'Hadoop', there might be various ways to get data out of it and feed into your web application. Nowadays, when people say 'Hadoop', they no longer just refer to the Hadoop core, but rather as an Ecosystem. With that being said, data can be stored in HDFS (Hadoop native file system), HBase (an abstract layer on top of HDFS), Hive (SQL layer on top of HDFS), Solr (text search), & etc., which means you will have different options to get data out of the Hadoop Ecosystem depending on your use case.

New Contributor

Hi Timothy Spann,

I was looking for using Spring boot Microservices hive for my project, but what I got from the link you suggested that I can get command line interface built in maven(fetch data only to command line). But what I need, showing fetched information directly to the HTML page.

Is it possible that I can fetch information from HADOOP cluster to HTML page search bar by Spring boot Microservices hive?

Thanks & Regards

Vikram pal