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how to view hive cli settings

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there are many parameters that we can set for a hive session like some shown below.

how can I see what currently is set in my hive session ?

set tez.grouping.split-count=4;
set hive.enforce.bucketing = true;
set hive.exec.dynamic.partition.mode = nonstrict;

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ok I found out that just typing "set" gives all the settings but its huge , any filters I can use with the "set" command?

Expert Contributor

To see all values of a session in


beeline --outputformat=tsv2 -u '<HS2_JDBC_URL> -e 'set -v' > session.txt 

2) Cli

hive --outputformat=tsv2 -e 'set -v' > session.txt 

If specific key to be searched, then after launching beeline or cli, use the specific keys as below

beeline> set hive.exec.dynamic.partition.mode;

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@Sami Ahmad,

You can run the below command


For ex: If you want to check the params that are set to true, then you can run

hive -e 'set;' | grep true



; ;