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Re: Problem in oozie input path . How do I configure the oozie in cloudera manager,input path as s3

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@dvohra wrote:

This isn't true. Depending on what you're doing with Oozie, S3 is supported just fine as an input or output location.


Doesn't the coordinator expect the input path to be on HDFS as hdfs://{nameNode} is prepended automatically? The workflow.xml is on the HDFS? Isn't the workflow.xml required to be on the HDFS?

Yes unfortunately coordinators currently poll inputs over HDFS alone, which is a limitation. However, writing simple WF actions to work over S3 is still possible.


Yes, WFs should reside on HDFS, as Oozie views it as its central DFS. Similar to how MR requires a proper DFS to run. But this shouldn't impair simple I/O operations done over an external FS such as S3.


I think Romain has covered the relevant JIRAs for tracking removal of this limitation.

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