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This post enumerates the steps necessary to setup Atlas development environment using IntelliJ on Mac and Windows.

This setup uses the BerkeleyDB for backend and embedded Solr as index engine.

Setup with other backend and index engine variations are similar but will involve additional setup.


These should be present on your machine before you begin:

  • Git for cloning repository. The command Git Shell is useful if you are switching between Mac and Windows.
  • Maven for performing command line build.
  • IntelliJ Community Edition or higher.
  • BerkeleyDB as backend.

Code Base Setup

Download code base from GitHub location. Clone it under c:\work\Apache\atlas on Window and ~/Apache/atlas on Mac.

Change directory to the location above and initiate a build (using mvn clean install package).

Deploy Directory Setup

Create a directory say Deploy (say c:\work on Windows or ~/work on Mac) with a structure below it:

  • conf
    • Copy,, policy-store.txt atlas-log4j.xml and here.
    • Use contents of the attached ZIP.
  • data
    • During runtime, the backend database will create its files here. This may be a location to check.
  • data/solr
    • Copy contents C:\work\atlas\repository\src\test\resources\solr to c:\deploy\data\ for Windows (from ~/Apache/atlas/repository/src/test/resources to ~/Deploy/data on Mac).
  • libext
    • Copy BerkeleyDB JAR here, say je-5.0.73.jar
  • logs
    • Logs will be created here.
  • models
    • Copy contents from c:\work\atlas\addons\models (or ~/Apache/atlas/addons/models for Mac.)
  • webapp (optional)
    • Deploy the contents of atlas.war here if you are developing on client-side (UI).
  • bin (optional)
    • Empty for now.

When done, your directory layout should look like this:


WinUtils (for Windows only)

Install WinUtils (link below).

Copy WinUtils.exe from C:\Program Files (x86)\WinUtil\WinUtil.exe to C:\Users\ashut\.m2\repository\org\apache\hadoop\bin\WinUtils.exe

IntelliJ: 'Atlas - Local' Configuration

From IntelliJ's Run/Edit Configurations menu option, create a new configuration, call it 'Atlas - Local'.

Details are:

  • Type: Application
  • Main class: org.apache.atlas.Atlas
  • VM options: These should reflect location of your directory created in the step above. Add the following:
    • -Datlas.home=C:\work\deploy\ -Datlas.conf=C:\work\deploy\conf\work\deploy\data -Datlas.log.dir=C:\work\deploy\logs\work\deploy\data
    • (See screen shot Profile-2)
  • Program arguments: --port 31000
    • This is needed so that Atlas that is being run from IntelliJ does not clash with another version that runs on the development VM.
  • Working directory: Set this to the location of webapp of your code base. (In my case, c:\work\apache\atlas on Windows and ~/Apache/atlas/ on Mac)
  • Use classpath of module: atlas-webapp

See screen shots below.

Debug Run

Within IntelliJ:

  • Set the newly created configuration as active.
  • From View/Tool Windows/Maven Project enable the Maven Projects side pane.
    • From the Profiles select Berkeley-elasticsearch, graph-provider-default, graph-provider-janus.
  • Use Run/Debug - 'Atlas - Local' from the menu.

Check if server is up by accessing: http://localhost:31000/

Screen Shots

Atlas - Local Profile:



Attachments Contents of configuration directory.



  • Thanks to Apoorv Naik (@anaik) for the investigation and the coming up with setup steps and helping me with the many setups.
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