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You can follow the below steps to upgrade your Spectrum Scale transparency.

1. Download the latest HDFS Transparency connector (gpfs.hdfs-protocol.rpm)

2. Delete the old rpm from your local repository. There should be only one hdfs-protocol rpm in the RPMs directory.

3. Place the latest rpm downloaded in Step 2 in the directory.

4. Refresh the local repository to pick up the latest rpm.

cd <local rpm repository dir>
createrepo . 

5. Stop all services from ambari

Ambari -> Actions -> Stop All

6. Upgrade transparency

Ambari -> Spectrum scale -> Service Actions -> Upgrade Transparency

7. Restart ambari server

ambari-server restart

8. Start all services from ambari

Ambari -> Actions -> Start All

You can check SpectrumScale installation here.

Uninstallation here

Download Transparency connector from here

Hope this helps 🙂


@Aditya : Thank, this is really informative

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