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This is the central page that links to other LLAP debugging articles. You can find articles dealing with specific problems below; to provide some background and to help resolve other issues, there are also some helpful general-purpose articles:

A one-page overview of LLAP architecture:

On the general debugging - where to find logs, UIs, metrics, etc.:

You might also find this non-debugging LLAP sizing and setup guide interesting:

Before getting to specific issues, there are some limitations with LLAP that you should be aware of; the following significant features are not supported:

  • HA (work in progress).
  • doAs=true (no current plans to support it).
  • Temporary functions (will not be supported; use permanent functions).
  • CLI access (use beeline).

Then, there are some articles about specific issues:

This list will be expanded in future with the issues that people are facing with LLAP.

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