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Just a few months ago, Apache Storm announced release 1.0 for the distribution. The bullet points below summarize the new features available. For more detailed descriptions, you can go to this link to read the full release notes:

Apache Storm 1.0 Release

Apache Storm 1.0 is *up to 16 times faster than previous versions, with latency reduced up to 60%.”

Pacemaker – Heartbeat Server

Pacemaker is an optional Storm daemon designed to process heartbeats from workers. (overcomes scaling problems of Zookeeper)

Distributed Cache API

Files in the distributed cache can be updated at any time from the command line, without the need to redeploy a topology.

HA Nimbus

Multiple instances of the Nimbus service run in a cluster and perform leader election when a Nimbus node fails

Native Streaming Window API

Storm has support for sliding and tumbling windows based on time duration and/or event count.

Automatic Backpressure

Storm now has an automatic backpressure mechanism based on configurable high/low watermarks expressed as a percentage of a task's buffer size.

Resource Aware Scheduler

The new resources aware scheduler (AKA "RAS Scheduler") allows users to specify the memory and CPU requirements for individual topology components

Storm makes it easier to debug, with…

Dynamic Log Levels

Tuple Sampling and Debugging

Dynamic Worker Profiling