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sqoop confilt with Hive HA metastore

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I met this issue

Sqoop1 job works if I remove Hive meastore HA and keep only on metastore server.

How could I disable HA only for sqoop1 client?


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Re: sqoop confilt with Hive HA metastore

You can try to pass an override specifying a singular URI in such a manner:

sqoop import -Dhive.metastore.uris=thrift://only-one-of-your-HMS-host:9083
…(rest of arguments follow)…

(The override argument via -D must precede all other arguments)
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Re: sqoop confilt with Hive HA metastore

Thanks. It works.
Will this solved in next version of kite?
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Re: sqoop confilt with Hive HA metastore


i´m trying to use sqoop via hue, but i keep getting this error:

2018-01-18 08:31:52,353 [main] WARN  - Aborting use of local MetaStore. Allow local MetaStore by setting kite.hive.allow-local-metastore=true in HiveConf
2018-01-18 08:31:52,353 [main] ERROR org.apache.sqoop.tool.ImportTool  - Import failed: Missing Hive MetaStore connection URI

Its not the same but seems to be quite similar.

The cluster is useing HA for Hive metastore.

I tried to set the Hive metastore uri like this:

import -Dhive.metastore.uris=thrift:// -Dkite.hive.allow-local-metastore=true --connect jdbc:exa:;schema=sks_dp_steuerung --driver com.exasol.jdbc.EXADriver --username sys --password exasol --table dbo_institutspartitionen --hive-import --as-parquetfile --hive-table DBO_INSTITUTSPARTITIONEN --hive-database SKS_DP_STEUERUNG -m 1

but it makes no difference.

The Exception tells to set


I tried this via


I have no idea whether this would be the right way to do this.


Is there something i might have missed? Or is this really a completely different error?