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CDP 7.1 can't access local parcels repo with continue button greyed out



I'm setting up a CDP 7.1.6  cluster.

I've created a local parcel repo as described HERE

Web Server is up and running and I can access repository from the browser.

In CM the same URL doesn't enable the greyed out continue button

Parcels are there, manifest.json is ok, files permission and ownership are as described.

Can't understand where I am wrong





Hello @svasi ,


Could you please share the screenshot of the issue?


Here are few points you can check:


1. Make sure the Internal-Repo link is correct.

2. Please check if the CM server is able to access the Internal- Repo server because the CM server will download the parcels from the web server and will distribute them to the other hosts.

You can try the "Telnet " command and see if the CM server is able to access the repo server.

3. Are the internal repo server and CM server on the same host?