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HDPCD Exam Issues

I have recently took my hdpcd exam. I have faced so many issues. The exam screen in the chrome browser was very small that i can barely read anything. I have to adjust the text size of the browser and i had a 30 mbps line but i still had a lag. I had the pasting problem in pig. As a result i got only time to attempt only 5 questions. i had a very bad time taking the exam. I have failed the exam. Is there any chance for getting credit to retake the exam.


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Hi @R c,

The exam is handled by PSI Services / Innovative Exams so you need to contact them. You can contact them at, or call +1-888-504-9178, +1-312-612-1049.

/Best regards, Mats

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Hi Victor, we apologize for any issues you encountered during your certification exam. Unfortunately we recently experienced proctor issues worldwide that interrupted exams for several days and caused a lot of problems to occur, and as you mentioned, we issued credits to candidates to allow them retake the exam.

We definitely appreciate your feedback, and rest assured that we are aware of some of the issues that arise during the examination process. We are currently working on changes to improve the certification exams. Our goal is to get this done very soon so that we can provide a smooth and optimal experience for all candidates.

Thank you again for your feedback, and once again our apologies for any issues you encountered during the examination process.

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In case I need to retake the exam once more, is there any way to know when is going to be a good moment to tackle it? I don't want to go through this again.


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I finally managed to complete the exam. No issues at all this time and didn't need to pay any of the times I retried.

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Dear Sir/Madam,

When can I expect to receive my HDPCD Exam result as it's been quite a while since I appeared in the exam.

My Request number is 5114 .

I would greatly appreciate your kind support in this matter.

Thanks and Regards, Hasan


Dear hortonworks team,I took an exam today morning .It was very frustrating experince with proctor .Last time I attempted hdpcd spark exam and I could experience that we should have good resolution monitor plugged in for better view.I did send emmail to certification@hortonworks team and they confirmed me saying yes yoou cab use extra monitor for better resolution.Today I was well set and it was 2:00 am in the night.exam started and suddenly proctor paused my exam saying you are using two computers..I did move the camera around the room there was nothing besides extra monitor.He didnt listen and asked me to close all the chrome session in between didnt stop there , I was asked to shutdown my machine and when I relogin he finally asked me to remove the desktop monitor otherwise he said I cant launch the exam..It ate up all my time and couldnt focus on the task and had to remove my monitor..I could barely visualizae text on my lapton screen..even i was well prepared I couldnt attempt the passing questions even. For last 15 minutes suddenly exam got hang , I told to live monitor and followed his instructions to refresh the exam window ..nothing helped and after 10 minutes proctor said exam cannot be may contact hortonworks certification team for filing any petition if you receive failing request you to look into this..its very difficult when someone prepares for months and finally such things happen at exam time

Gokul, this forum is for technical advise on HDP components, not to address specific exam issues. To better handle your exam issue we ask that you send this request to Thank you.


@William Gonzalez-Request you to look into this matter as I did receive confirmation from support team or additional monitor , that you had confirmed and finally exam got hanged and I lost my crucial 15 minutes

Gokul, this forum is for technical advise on HDP components, not to address specific exam issues. To better handle your exam issue we ask that you send this request to Thank you.

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Hi, I am trying to reach certifications at Hortonworks via email, Anyone can help me in getting a response for my email, Request # 5678. I will be very grateful

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Hi, I am trying to reach certifications at Hortonworks via email, Anyone can help me in getting a response for my email, Request # 10135. I will be very grateful

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HI i have appeared in HPCD exam yesterday, but due to unstable environment i could not even start my exam, the person monitoring the exam and me troubleshooted for almost 2 hours but there was no luck, at the end he/she shared an email address to report this issue, so i dropped an email right away to

My issue id is 10355

Since last night i got no feedback on this.

Please advise


Muhammad Ramzan


HI, i tried an exam yesterday, the environment was very unstable, the person monitoring the exam did not knew much about the things, i spend almost 2 hours with him/her but the exam even did not started, at the end all i got is an email address, i have dropped an email yesterday to

My issue id is 10355 but till now did not get any response on that.

Can anyone please advise.


Muhammad Ramzan


I had scheduled my HDPCD exam on 10th Jan 2018. I was facing issues, as a result of which I could not start the exam at all. All prerequisites of hardware/software and network speed compliance (as specified by you ) were in place. PSI proctor confirmed the same. The proctor also asked me to try out multiple things, but nothing worked. This went on for 2 hours. I was not able to see the HortonWorks VM desktop. The error said " server IP address not found". PSI has not been able to resolve this issue.

I have sent an email to 4 days ago, but still no response. I did not expect such things from them. My request id is 10287. Please advise what to do. There is no other way to contact them or get support. I want to take my exam ASAP.



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I had a exam last weekend. During the exam Hive doesn't work at all. I tried to restart it with Ambari without any succes. It seems there was a trouble with the mysql instance.

Without Hive a can't lunch the tasks concernd by hive. However i wrote the scripts.

I allready send an email to

My request id is 10942.



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I am trying to reach certifications at Hortonworks via email and I have not got any response since last Friday. Can anyone help me in getting a response for my email ? I send this morning an email at .

Confirmation Code:CE2-875
Candidate Id:5045761089


Amadou, we apologize for the delay and have responded to your email from this morning. Again, apologies for the delayed response.

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Even I am trying for this exam!!


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I had an extremely bad experience trying to give the HDPCD Spark exam today and could not even start the exam until 12:30.

My exam was scheduled at 10am.

I logged into the exam at 9:45 am. There was no Launch exam button until 9:50. I had done the compatibility test before and it had passed. I had taken care of the additional requirements below. Tried with two laptops, but still the exam could not be released. .

My monitor resolution was 1600X900 and bandwidth was much more than 20mbps.

I used two laptops. On one laptop, the camera worked on the mictest but not with examslocal. Prior to the exam the camera works, but not with examslocal. Since the exam was not released at all, please re-schedule the exam to a later date.

I am exhausted emotionally and physically for the last 3 hours and the exam could not be released.

It was an extremely bad experience, I do not know how this can be changed for people just trying to appear for an exam.

There must be some option, where the candidate shows up, spend 3 hours with 2 laptops to appear for the exam. Passes the compatibility tests before, and still could not give the exam, considering the exam fee to be 250 USD, and the amount of mental and physical exhaustion that a candidate goes through.
I request hortonworks to give me credits so that I can re-take the exam. And how can this entire situation be improved so that no one suffers so much just to start the exam.

On Sat, Feb 17, 2018 at 8:13 AM, Do_Not_Reply <> wrote:


Thank you for registering for an exam with PSI.
Your registration information is as follows:

Exam Sponsor:Hortonworks
Exam:HDP Certified Developer: Spark
Exam Code:HDPCD:Spark
Total Amount:
Scheduled Date:February 17, 2018
Scheduled Time:10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time
Confirmation Code:

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My Candidate ID is 3478340286. I've been trying to give Hortonworks HDPCD exam for last 3 weeks but each time due to one or other technical issues from your side, I'm not able to complete it. As suggested by hortonworks certification support team earlier, I've scheduled my third attempt for the exam today 7AM-9AM IST (7th March 2018) but did not help. Today also, services required for the exam were not running and even after multiple attempts, did not start (YARN, MapReduce2, HIVE, PIG). Due to this, I couldn't even attempt one question as there was no connectivity to hadoop. Below are my attempt details with issues observed:

First Attempt: Confirmation Code: CE3-49E Date/Time: 2/22/2018 7:00 AM - 9:00 AM - India Standard Time Issues Observed: Exam Window was not loading. Proctor cancelled exam.

Second Attempt: Confirmation Code: 018-A56 Date/Time: 2/24/2018 10:00 PM - 12:00 AM - India Standard Time Issues Observed: HIVE services were not starting. Proctor cancelled exam.

Third Attempt: Confirmation Code: 9B1-8A6 Date/Time: 3/7/2018 07:00 AM - 09:00 AM - India Standard Time Issues Observed: All required services were down and not started even after multiple attempts to start (YARN, MapReduce2, HIVE, PIG). Proctor asked me to end the exam and told me to send mail. Proctor submitted report as well.

This kind of experience is not expected from HortonWorks kind of international certification. I've already lost my productive hours of last 3 weeks for the exam. Looks like, it is going to be never ending process. My request ID id 11809. Please help asap.

Let me know if you need any detail from my side.

Thank You.


Mayank Acharya

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I have appeared for my HDPCD Exam on 25/03/2018 and there were many technical issues in the exam because of which I lost a lot ot time.Apart from that it has been almost 10 days now and I have not recieved the results.I have sent a mail to certification support team but Have not recieved any response yet.The ticket Number is (12413) Can anyone help me in getting a response for my email ?

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I haven't heard from HW after I took exam more than 2 months ago... Very bad customer support.

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