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HDPCD Exam Issues


I have recently took my hdpcd exam. I have faced so many issues. The exam screen in the chrome browser was very small that i can barely read anything. I have to adjust the text size of the browser and i had a 30 mbps line but i still had a lag. I had the pasting problem in pig. As a result i got only time to attempt only 5 questions. i had a very bad time taking the exam. I have failed the exam. Is there any chance for getting credit to retake the exam.


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This problem has been solved!

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I have appeared for my HDPCD Exam on 25/03/2018 and there were many technical issues in the exam because of which I lost a lot ot time.Apart from that it has been almost 10 days now and I have not recieved the results.I have sent a mail to certification support team but Have not recieved any response yet.The ticket Number is (12413) Can anyone help me in getting a response for my email ?


I haven't heard from HW after I took exam more than 2 months ago... Very bad customer support.


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The connecttion was extremely slow and unresponsive and I struggled to type/copy and execute and I was only able to attempt 5 out of 7. The connection was lost many times and I had to refresh multiple times. I am wondering if I will be permitted to retake the exam considering this unfortunate situation that I went through. Thanks.



My system had the required ,in fact more than the recommended settings for this exam but still I had to go through this. It was not enjoyable at all.....

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@Ashwin Bommathanahalli

@Artem Ervits @Timothy Spann

@Jay Kumar SenSharma @Abdelkrim Hadjidj

This has become an alarming situation that hortonworks exam team has to address, a week doesn't pass by without a complaint from a candidate. I was a victim of the same situation luckily I had all the proof and I was got a redeem eCredit to re-sit. Hortonworks has great products and getting many certified would go a long way to clinch this niche market.

The exam environment provided by PSI is unstable and unreliable from European standpoint and maybe APAC zones I think if we take a poll it will be disastrous. HW shouldn't accept such a negative publicity to ruin its market push.

I have copied Jay,Artem,Timothy and Abdelkrim sorry gentlemen I am aware you are employed by HW but not responsible for the exams but I trust you can internally try to debate this issue because it now becomes HW's onus

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@Ashwin Bommathanahalli

and @Geoffrey Shelton Okot thank you for your feedback and apologies for the issues you have encountered, I will make sure that your input is provided to management.


Thank you Geoffrey Sir. Geoffrey Shelton Okot

I was looking forward to this date with all the excitement and it was a complete dissapointment. I have given many competitive exams in the past and it tested my skills without any issues but this was the worst experience by far. I think Hortonworks being so reputed should setup exam centers or fix this issue where the talents are really tested based on their caliber and not because of how they dealt with the impractical or unworldly or unprecedented conditions that were eons past (that was the reply I got from the PSI Procter: you have to do your best with this situation!!) .. You are giving an exam on HPC and the network performance is so deprecated not even close to "how things work(ed) or expected to work 20 years ago" ..Sad to say but that was my experience with this test...I usually enjoy this effort but Effort-time-money costed for me a lot for in this instance without RESULTS (yet though) 😞 . But retest from HWs would be good to see if they own up and fix this for my next attempt (I hope they do) but not solution though..

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I had posted my comment earlier on this thread. I had rescheduled the exam to today 1pm. (started around 1:15)

Unfortunately, the exam environment was so poor, that just to type an ' _' too approximately 25 secs.

I messaged that to the proctor, He replied that there is nothing he can do about it.

My system passed all the compatibility checks. But in the exam, all windows hanged. Typing a single command took eternity.

Scrolling down the exam tasks also hanged the window.

Since this is not a test environment and not even a test of skills in any way, I want hortonworks to refund the exam amount. I would not even want to reschedule the exam with hortonworks. I messaged the same to the proctor and asked him to end the exam without starting it (1:30 - after struggling with typing and moving between hanged windows)

Hortonworks team - please create a support ticket and refund my exam amount. I would not want to reschedule the exam if the exam environment is not going to improve.

We are professionals working on hadoop/spark for many years, and this is not expected from Hortonworks.


Tanu Shree Sood

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@Tanu Sood

Indeed this has become a very unbearable condition for anyone taking an HW exam. I am just surprised and in astonishment that despite all the complaints HW exam team have NOT resolved this damn issue.

Every week there is a minimum of 4 complaints and the numbers are growing I sat for my Oracle Certified Professional (OCP), CCNA, CCNP but I never got the issues I encountered when I tried HDPCA which after 1 hour of tussling I gave up, the environment was horribly slow and unstable loss of connectivity and the Proctor was an asshole to crown it all. Panning my office desk almost 4 times,I had to remove other screens and keyboards, pens just name it ..... Thank God I passed it despite not completing the questions because for sure HW wasn't going to give me a second eCredit !!!
I really don't know whether HW is aware of the frustration and how such situations can sway someone to go Cloudera....basically the underlying technology is the same save for a few components and it's not with such comments that HW can compete with others !!:-)
I pray this time some HW employees in HCC take it seriously what a good product and a poor disastrous exam setup.

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I will contact more people.