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Installing Cloudera VM in M1 Mac

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Hi There,

Hope you're doing well and safe out there. 

I need one small help, can Cloudera VM install on M1 MacBook Air laptop? 

FYI, I am using 8GB RAM version. 

I do know that this can install in Windows version but don't know on M1 MacBook. 


Kindly share your response. 


Thank you!


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Can someone reply to this query. Please. 

Thank you in advance. 

Hi @Sainath90 

It would help members of the community in offering possible answers to your question if you were a little more specific about what you're referring to when you wrote "Cloudera VM". Consider including a link to where someone could download said "Cloudera VM".



Bill Brooks, Community Moderator
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New Contributor

Thank you for your response, truly appreciate that. 

Apologies for not being clear.

Currently I am learning Hadoop. Previously I used lab where I can access the hadoop ecosystem. 

Recently I got M1 Mac and I want to run the same through Cloudera VM.

I do know that it can run in Intel based macOS so, is it possible to run the same in M1 macOS. 


Please do let me know if you need any further information required on this. 




So you wanted to install Cloudera Hadoop in your local mac system as a standalone cluster for learning.Is this your question?

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You're correct, Bhuv

I need to learn Hadoop through my M1 mac. 


We cant directly install CDH or HDP distribution from mac itself. I would suggest to install VM ware or vitual box and try to deploy a standalone sing node Hadoop cluster .

As per the recent post from Sainath you might have links respective to that Refer that

Rising Star

Hi @Sainath90 ,

Do you mean to install HDP sandbox (Hortonworks data platform for hadoop ) in your mac?

Please refer to below tutorials:

It has virtual box / vmware / docker versions to choose. I would recommend you to install docker version as it is easy to deploy / remove / stop / start.

I have installed docker version successfully in my mac with 16GB RAM, and mine is Intel core not M1 core, but I believe the docker will work in M1.

Please note the prerequisites is minimum 10 GB RAM dedicated to the virtual machine. 

Below is the docker version tutorial.




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Hi Will, 

Apologies for my super delayed response. 

Thank you for your answer. 

Unfortunately, my M1 mac is having 8 GB RAM and it can't be upgradable. 

It seems I can't learn Hadoop in M1 mac. 

I could have dig deep before getting this useless laptop. 




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