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nifi executeprocess special characters *

New Contributor

Hi, im having trouble running an execute script with an * in a property.

First of all i need to run a script to move files between folders, because the putfile processor creates a hidden file before moving it to the final filename, this is a requierement for me since everything i put in the destination directory gets picked-upped by another program that has no filename filter.


Problem: running ExecuteProcess version 1.11.4 with the following config gives erros.

Command: /bin/mv
Command Arguments: /tmp/test/* /temp/test2/


The following error seems to be that im not escaping the * character.

Im using the * because that moves all the files omitting the hidden ones.

2020-10-16 11:05:20,857 WARN [ExecuteProcess 017411cc-ca25-1489-15c6-f3edfccdf984 Task] o.a.n.processors.standard.ExecuteProcess ExecuteProcess[id=017411cc-ca25-1489-15c6-f3edfccdf984] /bin/mv: cannot stat '/tmp/test/*': No such file or directory


Solution for now is running a bash script with the contents "mv $1 $2"


New Contributor

could this be a bug in that nifi cant process the * character in a property?

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