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send data from python to nifi http request



I want to be able to send automatically generated data with random from python to nifi using the requests library. on the nifi side I intend to use gethttp to retrieve the data. My question: what should I put in the URL parameter? I do not understand much t the APIs I searched on the internet since this morning but it remains a little vague someone can help me? thank you


Super Guru

You may be interested in the NiPyAPI module, it makes working with the NiFi API from Python MUCH easier.

@Matt Burgess

I tried a little test with listen http i made a ListenHttp processor as follows:


Then I created a little python code:


I have an error:


and I do not know if the configurations are correct

Super Guru

The relevant part of the log is "Address already in use", looks like you've configured ListenHttp to listen on port 8081 but some other process is using that port already.

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