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How to kill a stalled query in Hive LLAP?

Is there a way to kill a stalled query that is running under LLAP? In regular Hive, you would kill the YARN container and call it a day. In LLAP, doing so would kill the daemons!


Expert Contributor

Hi @Patrick Picard

I don't know if it still relevant for you but as far as i know it is possible to kill llap queries from HDP 2.6.3 and above.
Using the following:

1. Identify the query which needs to be killed

2. Using beeline, connect to LLAP

3. execute the command below in beeline
# kill query "<hive query ID>"
The command would be for example
# kill query "hive_20180104093525_f90a6496-42fc-46bb-8e4a-8edc638b193d"
I haven't tried it myself but it should do the trick.

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