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is there any way to reset ranger admin UI password ?

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Re: is there any way to reset ranger admin UI password ?

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The previous answer gives the response on how to reset the password in Ranger for a fixed user/password combination with the value "admin:admin". But if you want to reset or check the password value on Ranger for any user or password combination you have to use the following.

Passwords in Ranger are saved in the password column of the x_portal_user table as MD5 hashes in the format password{login}. For instance the hash for the amb_ranger_admin account with secret123 as password will be as follows:

$ echo -n 'secret123{amb_ranger_admin}' | md5sum
 md5sum4d9f6af4210833cb982d27c9042d9ac1  -

Of course you may also use this and pgsql/mysql to change the password for any user via command line as requested by another user.

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