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Issue Description: Ambari Showing Wrong NIFI Version After Upgrading to HDF 3.3 , as per release notes , the NIFI version in HDF-3.3 is 1.8 but ambari shows it as 1.7 in Stacks and Versions page.


Root cause : This is a known bug in hdf-ambari-mpack- ( the mpack used by ambari to manage HDF-3.3 ) This issue is fixedin HDF-3.3.1 mpack.

Solution : we can ignore the version shown in the stacks and services as its just ambari shows its wrong. we can verify the NIFI version in nifi ui or from hdf-select command in Host where nifi is installed.

Workaround :

  • Navigate to : /var/lib/ambari-server/resources/mpacks/hdf-ambari-mpack-
  • Edit the File : metainfo.xml

Change the line :



  • Restart ambari server.
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